Ways to Make Puppies Happy

From the moment you open the door of your life to your puppy, you step into an indescribable change. His health, nutritional needs, development and, of course, happiness suddenly change..

Ways to Make Puppies Happy
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From the moment you open the door of your life to your puppy, you step into an indescribable change. His health, nutritional needs, development and, of course, happiness suddenly change your priorities. Happiness in puppies cannot be reduced to merely meeting their physical needs or supporting their psychological health. Happiness is the whole of their physical and psychological development and the bond of love and trust they establish with people. In this article, you can find suggestions that will add happiness to the happiness of puppies.

Play Games Together

One of the most effective ways to stimulate puppies mentally and physically is to play with them regularly. Play sessions are one of the most important requirements for the puppy to get used to people, his home and his new life. Although dog toys can be used while playing, the main thing is to focus on interactive games with or without toys. It is necessary to be careful in game sessions where very hard and sudden movements are involved. Puppies have a delicate body structure, moreover, such games can cause them to become overly excited. Failure to manage combat-based games properly may result in dogs accustoming to aggressive games. This situation brings along various problems in the medium and long term, especially in large breed dogs.

Early Education Should Be Started

After the adoption process, regardless of their age, the dogs should be brought together with the training processes. Training is not just a process where dogs learn what to do and what not to do. It is possible to provide mental stimulation, develop feelings of trust and strengthen the bonds between humans and puppies, thanks to dog training that is kept short and continued every day during the puppyhood period. Mental stimulation is among the basic requirements for puppies to be happy and healthy. With the trainings supported by physical activities, it can be ensured that the puppies have a much happier, self-confident and loving life. This period, when they are introduced to the reward foods, is the time when they are most open to learning.

They Love Massage

Dogs, just like humans, can relax through massage, relieve tension in their bodies, and reap the multiple benefits of increased blood flow. If you want to make a significant difference in the happiness of your puppy, you can start massaging it with gentle movements. It is possible for them to feel uncomfortable when their body is touched during the massage, but their tolerance will increase with the strengthening of emotional bond and trust over time. The most important advantage of this reflection is that if strangers want to love them, which is often the case, their self-protection instincts can be prevented from stepping in.

Make the Home Interior Fun

The boring world around them can cause puppies to become bored, and boredom can lead to destructive behavior. The situation can get even worse when they don’t exercise enough. It is known that various items and toys that will enable them to have fun when they spend time at home can be extremely useful. Especially chew toys will be effective choices. Chewing toys, which are specially designed for dogs to chew and are not dangerous for their health, will increase your comfort in life, when the tendency to chew shoes, seats and furniture is high.

Exercises Shouldn’t Be Neglected

It is known that exercise processes are extremely important to support the physical development of puppies, to release their energy and to strengthen their muscles. Long walks or jogs can be made during these special time periods during the day. It should be noted that they are not too difficult. Excessive exercise of puppies can negatively affect their physical development. The recommendations of veterinarians should not be ignored to learn about the ideal duration and type of exercise.

Health Checks Are Very Important

When puppies are adopted, they should be taken to veterinary checks as soon as possible. General examinations should be made, preventive health treatments should be started if necessary, and basic vaccinations should be done. The vaccinations in the puppy period mean that the dogs are protected from possible diseases and they take a step towards a healthier life.

Socialization is a must

Socialization, which is one of the basic needs of puppies and an important criterion for their happiness, is a critical process. Socialization is not just about being together with different people or animals. It consists of many sub-elements such as entering new environments, walking on different floors, having new experiences, hearing new sounds. This process should not be rushed, the dog should experience the socialization experience with its entire family. It is recommended not to be subjected to pressure and to wait for their own wishes to emerge in the process.

Healthier and Happier with Nutrition by Race

Dogs should be fed throughout their lives in accordance with their racial characteristics, age, general health and activity level. A special diet for them is one of the keys to their health and happiness. It is important that they are fed with quality puppy food in order to meet the needs of their very fast working metabolism, to support their immune system, and to develop their muscles and bones at an optimum level.

With Pro Plan puppy food, which is formulated to meet the needs of puppies with quality nutrients, your friend can also step into a healthier adulthood. Pro Plan branded puppy food formulas are customized for small breeds, medium breeds and large breeds. Only high-quality protein sources are used in the content of puppy food, which attracts attention with its different ingredients. Its contents are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Although the ratios of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in their contents vary, it can be stated that all formulas are formulated for common purposes. Optimal support for their development, strengthening their immune system, contributing to the healthy development of the musculoskeletal system are the common features of quality puppy food.


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