Series Of Unknowns About Cats

Very few people are funny lately, must be going a day without watching a cute cat video. Some of us reserve the corner of our house for them, some of..

Series Of Unknowns About Cats
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Very few people are funny lately, must be going a day without watching a cute cat video.
Some of us reserve the corner of our house for them, some of us do not want to meet a black cat.

You’ll be surprised to learn this information about cats!

  • If cats are not hungry they even hunt. As part of the University of Georgia’s KittyCam project, 60 free-roaming cats were monitored by wearing cameras and were found to consume only 28% of their prey. That they hunt half of their prey after killing they leave it on the floor and take the other half to their owner’s house.

  • Cats’ eyes, which are developed enough to hunt even in the dark, are quite large compared to their bodies. John Bradshaw states in his book Cat Perception that cats have a hard time focusing near and far because of the size of their eyes. Therefore, the eye muscles also develop depending on this situation. For example, stray cats can see far well but near very well, and the vast majority of house cats cannot see far well.


  • Since cats’ eyes are very large, they cannot focus on anything closer to them than about 40 cm, they get help from their whiskers in this regard, they perceive objects that they cannot see clearly thanks to their whiskers.

  • Cats have an excellent sense of smell. In a study conducted at the University of New South Wales, Australia, in 2010, wild cats were made to smell mouse-smelling pieces of fabric. It was found that even after six days, they could still detect the smell.

  • Cats acquire many clues about their environment, including the conditions of the cats near them, by sensing odor molecules with their sling bone organs (vomeronasal organ).


  • However, cats do not have such an impressive sense of taste as their sense of smell. according to a study conducted in 2006, cats are one of the few mammals that do not have taste buds to perceive sugary foods. This may be because cats need meat more than candy. Cats are thought to be carnivores because they get their energy from proteins, not carbohydrates.

  • A study published in January 2014 on the carnivorousness of cats examined 5,300-year-old bones belonging to two cats found in China. The researchers, who found that one of the cats was fed a grain-rich diet, noted that this is a hint that the cat was fed by people. This clue also shows that there have been domestic cats in China since much earlier than we thought.


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