Komondor – Breeds of Long-Haired Dogs

Lanyard is one of the long-haired breeds that looks like it was made of rasta when it was first seen with a feather structure that looks like rope or wicker…

Komondor – Breeds of Long-Haired Dogs
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Lanyard is one of the long-haired breeds that looks like it was made of rasta when it was first seen with a feather structure that looks like rope or wicker. It is among the breeds recognized as Hungarian Sheepdog.Dec. Although their long feathers make them cover their eyes, they have been preferred as one of the most suitable breeds for grazing herds alone due to their very careful and protective structure. Their hairs, which are like rasta, get tighter as they get older, and the shedding rate goes down to almost zero. Do not forget that it is among the long-haired breeds that you should definitely get help from a professional for Decontamination.

The Komondor dog is a breed developed to protect sheep herds against other predatory animals. The origin of the dog belongs to Hungary and it is believed that it was brought to Europe by the Magyar and Friday tribes who lived in quite ancient times. The oldest records of the breed are 16. While they date back to the XVIII century, it is said that they also existed in much older times.

The Komondor dog, which has the property of being an excellent guard and hunter dog, is preferred more as a family pet today. He has managed to become the closest friend of the families with his brave, kind and caring personality, this type almost gets a tremendous look with curly or wavy hair. If you want to adopt a Komondor dog, do not forget that this breed is quite expensive.

The Komondor dog, known for having an independent nature, is an incredibly loyal animal to its family, although it is quite free-spirited. The fact that he never wants to be alone is the biggest proof that he enjoys being with his family and spending time with them. On the other hand, during this kind of growth, he can also be very naughty and mischievous. For these reasons, he will need to be well trained so that he is not disruptive and noisy all the time. The Komondor dog, which is always attentive to strangers, has the property of being a good watchman. However, with good socialization, he will never harm his environment.

The Komondor dog is an impressive dog with a rather strong appearance. Its body, which is quite long and surrounded by white corded hairs, is incredibly eye-catching. It has shorter legs than other types of dogs. With a black nose color and dark eyes, the Komondor has the appearance of a strong chin. His neck is quite strong and muscular.

He has a muscular appearance with a very strong back with a deep and well-developed body. As for the coat, the Komondor dog is equipped with a long and stiff hair that is curly or wavy. This is what contributes to the most impressive appearance of the breed. With its feather structure, which always requires serious care, the only accepted color of the species is white. In addition, Komondor dogs have a body weight of 30 to 50 kg while males have a December weight of 50 to 60 kg in females.


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