Do Cats Feel an Earthquake?

Cats are equipped animals that have everything they need to survive. While many animal and cat species have not managed to survive to the present day, domestic cats have managed..

Do Cats Feel an Earthquake?
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Cats are equipped animals that have everything they need to survive. While many animal and cat species have not managed to survive to the present day, domestic cats have managed to maintain their existence with great success for thousands of years. Behind this success, the role of their physical structure, as well as their ability to communicate and adapt, is quite great. When this happens, the following question comes to a person’s mind whether he wants to or not; could it be that one of the secrets of cats’ survival is that they feel the earthquake in advance? Do cats really feel earthquakes? This question has been bothering both cat owners and the scientific world for a long time. Although some people claim ambitiously that cats feel earthquakes, some people say that this view cannot be accepted without scientific evidence.

Many Cat Owners Claim That Their Cats Predicted the Earthquake

People from different parts of the world who share their lives with cats and have earthquake experience say that their cats exhibit non-routine movements before the earthquake. They also attribute this situation to the fact that cats predict earthquakes, they foresee. Of course, the fact that a cat makes unusual movements before an earthquake does not mean that it directly predicts the earthquake. But scientists who have been conducting research in earthquake zones after the earthquakes indicate that the number of people who say that my cat behaved strangely before the earthquake is not small at all. Many cats in the same area where the earthquake occurred exhibit behaviors such as running away before the earthquake, hiding, carrying their kittens, disappearing or persistently not getting off a person’s lap. Although this supports the view that cats feel the earthquake, there are still question marks about the fact that many cats continued their routine behavior before the earthquake in the same earthquake zone. As a result of this situation, perhaps some cats can feel the earthquake before it happens, while others may not be able to feel it.

Cat Whiskers

Cats have more sensitive senses of smell and hearing than humans. In addition, there is another thing that shows that cats perceive the environment much better than we do, and that is their whiskers. A cat’s mustache works like an antenna. It transmits all vibrations occurring in the air around the cat to the brain. Here are the most important supporters of those who claim that cats feel the earthquake in advance are the whiskers of cats. Theoretically, there is no reason why cats should not feel the air and the electrical changes of gases in the pre-earthquake world’s whiskers as well.

Japan Has Been Studying Animals and Earthquakes for Many Years

As it is known, the most and the most destructive earthquakes in the world are experienced in Japan. Japanese scientists have been studying whether animals can feel earthquakes for many years. But the studies conducted to date indicate that they have not brought a point that will allow a cat or a dog to accurately report an earthquake. For this reason, there is a possibility that cats can feel an earthquake, but there is no way to convince a cat to exhibit a specific behavior and alarm when it feels an earthquake.

Chinese People Insist That Cats Feel the Earthquake

The Chinese are the most insistent that cats feel the earthquake. before the earthquake that occurred in the Chinese city of Haicheng in 1975, the authorities noticed that cats and other animals exhibited strange behavior and evacuated the city against the earthquake. They ensured that a small number of people were injured in the subsequent large earthquake of magnitude 7.3. In case of unprepared for an earthquake, it has been calculated that the death toll will be at least 150 thousand.

Cats Feel The Earthquake

According to all these data, the answer to the question does cats feel an earthquake is yes, but it is not certain that every cat will feel an earthquake, and the lack of a single behavior when a cat feels an earthquake does not help us much to understand this situation.



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