Are Cats Ungrateful?

“Ungrateful Cat” The characterization of cats as ungrateful is actually a misjudgment. Because cats are not ungrateful, they are just freer than other pets. Especially when a cat is compared..

Are Cats Ungrateful?
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“Ungrateful Cat”

The characterization of cats as ungrateful is actually a misjudgment. Because cats are not ungrateful, they are just freer than other pets. Especially when a cat is compared to a dog, the perception that cats are not loyal and ungrateful arises. This is due to the fact that the story of humans and cats being intertwined is not as old as dogs. While dogs’ instinctive behavior of living a life dependent on humans outweighs, cats’ inability to get rid of their reflexes from wildlife leads them to exhibit more independent behaviors.

Cats are competitive in nature and exhibit more instinctive movements. It is also not true that people call these instinctive behaviors of cats as ingratitude.

Dogs have been in people’s lives for 13 thousand years, while cats have been in people’s home and social lives for 3 thousand years. We can’t say that cats have been fully domesticated with this past.

While cats consume the food they find in a short time, dogs usually act with the instinct of storage. The behavior or aggressive attitudes that cats instantly make with their three motives may be accused of ingratitude by some people. But this situation in nature, these attitudes are not seen as ingratitude.

10 Behaviors That Will Prove That Cats Are Not Ungrateful

Although cats are called ungrateful by some people, this is not the case at all. Although the behavior of cats, which is called ungrateful by people, is sometimes caused by momentary instinctive movements, this perception arises because it is sometimes compared with the behavior of dogs.

Although cats do not have the ability to speak, they communicate with their owners and other creatures around them in some way. While some people can make sense of these behaviors of their cats, others cannot. Here are the behaviors that cats are not ungrateful and show their love;

Cats Kneading Their Owners With Paws

Cats can sometimes climb on top of you and want to knead you with their paws. This behavior is one of the best ways for them to show that they love you, and they want you to love them too. Your pet kneading you from time to time can sometimes hurt you because of the length of its nails.

Cats Bring Gifts to Their Owners

Sometimes cats bring you a cat toy, a dead mouse or another dead living thing with their mouth to show that they love you. Because these creatures usually reward only those they love. When your cat brings you a reward, you should definitely praise him. If he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t want to give you a reward, a gift. So to characterize cats as ungrateful is a wrong assessment.

Rubbing Cats’ Faces

Sometimes it may seem strange for these cute creatures to rub their faces in your face. According to experts, cats are prosaic and have a number of hidden glands on their heads, and when cats rub their face against you, they mark you with their smell. This behavior shows that he loves you, sees you as one of his family.

The Way Cats Stare

The fact that your cute pussy stares into your eyes is actually a kind of sign of love. Although some people find this behavior creepy, the fact that cats stare into the eyes of their owners is almost equivalent to kissing.

Sleeping On The Backs Of Cats

The fact that cats lie on their backs and open their bellies to you is one of the indicators of their love. Cats’ bellies are their weak areas and they don’t want to show these areas to people they don’t trust. From this point of view, it is not very true to call cats ungrateful.

Curling of Cats Towards the Ends of the Tail

Cats also tell a lot by using their bodies. Their tails are also one of the tools they use to communicate. To show their happiness, cats fluff and shake their tails. So it could be called another indication that he loves you. It is also known that this behavior is called tail dancing.

The Bite of Cats

It is one of the other behaviors that show that cats love you to bite their owners slowly. Because if he did it for the purpose of attacking, these bites, believe me, would be more painful. But although some cat lovers think that the bite of these creatures is still painful, we can say that cats do it without realizing it. Because cats’ skins are tougher than people’s. Sometimes they may not be able to maintain the setting of the bite.

Rubbing Cats On Legs

The fact that your pet rubs on the legs also shows that they love you. This behavior is quite similar to rubbing the head, face. Allowing your Decoy to rub against you is important for the health of your relationship.

The Cackling Of Cats

Of course, you have heard the cat’s chirping until today, but even if you don’t know what it means, you have a guess. Yes, the cackling of cats is also a sign of love. Some cats enter softly, while some cats may enter just like a truck. If you have a question in mind about whether my cat loves me, your cat’s chirping indicates that he loves you.

Cats Follow Their Owners

If cats come with you wherever you go, if they jump from there to there without saying table, chair, they are doing it because they love you. The fact that cats do not leave after their owners is the most important indicator that they love you very much. Therefore, cats’ momentary anger or behavior that displeases you does not indicate that they are ungrateful.

As you can see, cats show their owners in various ways that they like. For this reason, it is not a correct assessment to characterize cats as ungrateful.


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