Afghan Hound – Breeds of Long-Haired Dogs

Afghan Hounds, which are among the breeds for which long hair suits the most Decently, have feathers that become much softer and silky as they get older. They start life..

Afghan Hound – Breeds of Long-Haired Dogs
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Afghan Hounds, which are among the breeds for which long hair suits the most Decently, have feathers that become much softer and silky as they get older. They start life with a light curly hair structure that grows rapidly even as a puppy and has a light color according to its original color. It is among the breeds that have Decayed over the years and found their own color. Although it is one of the dogs with the coolest hair, you should definitely not get help from your veterinarian to keep the hairs on it healthy. Contrary to what is known, the feathers of Afghan Hounds are not combed. It is important for our health to touch the comb as long as you do not wet or wash it.

Known for its eye-catching beauty and fame, the Afghan Hound is a loyal, cute, sensitive, timid, dominant, demure, naive, kind, elegant, noble and brave dog. Although their appearance is very elegant and noble, they are sporty dogs and like to move, chasing prey. Since it is a dog that likes to move and be active, it will lead a happy life with people who have an active life. In general, the Afghan Hound wants to be the only dog in the house he lives in, he does not want friends. When the character traits of the Afghan Hound are considered, a family environment with a single dog or a house where a single person lives will be the ideal living space.

Although the Afghan Hound, which is stated to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, stands out with its elegance, there are protective and hunting abilities and character traits in them. He is very brave, strong and durable. It is seen that they are loyal and loyal to their family members and loved ones. They approach some things skeptically and protectively to protect their loved ones, but they are not aggressive or belligerent. They do not exhibit hostile behavior towards strangers. Although it has been stated about the Afghan Hound in the past that the dog is unreliable for its character, this belief has changed over time. It has been observed that they behave more timidly towards strangers and even some dogs are afraid. Do not expect your guests who come to the house to welcome you as happy and enthusiastic as you are. Most likely, the Afghan Hound will ignore your guests coming to the house and prefer to hang out on his own.

Afghan Hound gentle behavior towards children. However, they may not always play and interact with children. Since they are not very fond of games in their own character traits, they cannot succeed very well in being the good friends and playmates that children expect. With his happy, buffoonish and funny sides, he will make efforts to realize their wishes according to the friendship he has established with his loved ones. Some Afghan Hound dogs are described as being just like a cat and it is stated that they have a sensitive side. Besides his independent character, his sensitive nature is revealed in certain situations. He is not an overly showy dog in expressing his emotions. Dogs will develop when their relationship with pets is socialized early. However, they may want to chase small animals outside, in dog parks or walking areas. Due to the hunting instinct, it is necessary to socialize under supervision and control by wearing a leash in the environment where there are smaller animals. Inside the house, they exhibit calmer and more peaceful behaviors towards other pets. However, living in the same house with an animal other than yourself does not make them very happy.

The Afghan Hound learns easily and may not always follow the commands. However, their education may be difficult due to the ability to think independently. It is observed that he does not come when he is called, does not fulfill commands immediately and does not listen to words. This should not surprise your instructor. The Afghan Hound can exhibit self-directed, independent and stubborn behavior. His leader needs to be serious, authoritative, consistent, patient and emphasize the commands he gives to his dog in a serious tone of voice. You should not overdo it with being serious, you should train your dog to be gentle, loving and just as firm, without forgetting that he is sensitive. Attracting your dog’s attention with food rewards during training, as in other breeds, may not be enough to motivate you. For this reason, give training by finding the methods that your dog is interested in according to his character. If they do not receive adequate training and are not socialized, they will have negative character traits as a disobedient, rebellious, combative, introverted and more independent dog.

The Afghan Hound is not a dog breed that will adapt to apartment life. Although they prefer to lie still, calm and sleep more indoors, they need a large area and an open space to be happy and relax. The ideal living area is a house with a large plot of land, a garden where the dog will move comfortably and roam freely. Afghan Greyhounds can live outside, in the shed and inside because they are resistant to cold weather. After being outside during the day, it makes them happier to have a home where they can rest and sleep. The Afghan Hound may bark 1 – 2 times to notify and warn the owner when a stranger approaches the house where he lives or if he deems it necessary. However, these barks do not last very long and, in general, he is not a very barking dog. That is why he should definitely not be expected to act and work as a watchdog.

The Afghan Hound, most of its characteristic features are similar to the Saluki (Iranian Hound) dog breed. It is a breed that existed long before dogs, which appeared through the intervention of humans or dog breeders in laboratories, and is considered a basal breed. The Afghan Hound has been described as the “king of dogs” with its noble, majestic, durable, eye-catching and elegant structure.


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